China Stoops To Support Pakistan’s State-Sponsored Terrorism Against India (Source- Eurasia Review / Author- Subhash Kapila /SAAG)

Source- Wikimedia Commons / Author- Whispertome
Source- Eurasia Review

Author- Dr Subhash kapila / SAAG

China’s strategic lust to enmesh Pakistan in a gridlock embrace has impelled it shockingly to support Pakistan’s state-sponsored terrorism against India by blocking in the United Nations, India’s proposals demanding action against Pakistan over the release of Mumbai 26/11 mastermind Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi

China offered a feeble explanation that technically it could not support India due to lack of adequate evidence presented. Is this not reminiscent of and repetition of Pakistan’s arguments since 2008 whenever India presented dozens of dossiers on Lakhvi and Pakistan’s ISI complicity in Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks. Is China not mindful that UN Resolution 1267 demands such actions or is it that China maintains that there are technical snags in the UN Resolution itself?

Media reports indicate that PM Modi has taken up the matter with China at the highest levels and that the Foreign Secretary would be speaking to Beijing. To what effect? India’s response to such highly irresponsible yet expected Chinese stances when it comes to Pakistan is to stop condemnation of terrorist attacks in Xinjiang and by the Xinjiang freedom fighters in China proper. India too can adopt the same stand as China does that India will first consider the evidence China presents on such acts before taking a position on it. This is not a petulant response that is being advocated but using the same currency as China does.

China is a serial offender in stalling India’s moves at the United Nations to impress the world body to take action against Pakistani and Pakistan-based terrorists targeting India. About a month back China put on “technical hold” a ban under UN Resolutions on Hizbul Mujahedeen chief Syed Salahauddin. In every such case where India has sought UN support to ban Pakistan’s state-sponsored terrorism entities under UN Resolutions China has repeatedly sought to impede these processes by demands that India should provide more evidence.

This brings to the fore a crucial question not only of China’s intentions but also the capabilities of China’s intelligence agencies operating in Pakistan in strength despite China-Pakistan being “Blood Brothers”. Are these Chinese intelligence agencies not providing adequate intelligence on Pakistan’s state sponsored terrorist organisations? If not then that is a serious reflection on China’s intelligence set-up.

If Chinese intelligence agencies operating within Pakistan are providing the requisite intelligence on activities of Pakistan’s state-sponsored terrorism outfits then China is officially lying at the world forum that adequate evidence does not exist.

Either way, the Indian policy establishment needs to take serious note of China’s official duplicitousness against India not only on the terrorism front but overall also.

Concluding, it needs to be stressed that it is high time India takes a serious note of the China Threat to India and calibrate its strategies, on the foreign policy, external security and internal security fronts appropriately. The China-Pakistan Dual Military Threat to India needs no further evidence than China’s strategy at the United Nations to block and impede India’s efforts to implement bans and sanctions on Pakistan’s state-sponsored terrorism entities. Or like Pakistan, it is China’s strategy also to use such Pakistan sponsored terror outfits in destabilisation of India and as an asset as part of the overall China-India Dual Military Threat to India?

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