India strikes back

In the intervening hours on the night of 28'th and 29'th, something dramatic had happened. In revenge of the recent Poonch attack on an Indian army camp, Indian Special Forces took out surgical strikes inside POK in terrorist camps and launch pads killing many terrorists in the process. This is a marked departure from the established norm of self restraint. India has awaken to the fact that the path of appeasement will not work with Pakistan and sometimes you will need to wield the big stick to beat the hell out of Pakistan.

Now India is sending out the message to Pakistan that India will not lie low if India is again targeted by Pakistan or their cronies. In a strategic level, Pakistan's bluff of nuclear retaliation is exposed. India now is showing that it will not be cowed down by nuclear blackmail.

Pakistan had breached the threshold in recent days when they stepped up terrorist activities inside India. It was in a way a desperate move by Pakistan to give a fresh lease of life to a dying policy.But times have changed. The terrorists emanating from Pakistan has become an international nuisance. From America to Europe, all countries are affected. The international patience is running out. Pakistan has institutionalised terrorism with deep relationship between the establishment and the terrorist organisations. The threshold has been breached. 

The Message of the Indian Attack

For Pakistan the message is clear. India will no longer tolerate any more attacks from these terrorists. There will be retaliation. Pakistan will pay.

International Isolation

For Pakistan, the times could not be worse. There are nobody to support them at this time of crisis. Even their closest allies China and Saudi Arabia has turned their backs. Pakistan is isolated. Nobody will bail them out. Pakistan just cannot rely on anybody anymore. That is in a way their own undoing. Let Pakistan understand that they will pay big time if they continue in this oath. Hope good sence prevail on them.

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