The Trump era- What it means for India and neighbours

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(After a month's time, I am back again with active blogging. Lot of things have happened. For my new article, I have decided to concentrate on the new American President, Donald Trump and what it means for India)

The Trump era has dawned on the United States and the world. As President elect Donald Trump prepares to assume office as the 45'th President of the United States, the world is left in deep confusion and uncertainty as to how the Trump administration will affect them and their country. 

Donald Trump is not new to the world. The hard headed businessmen who defies all logic and who fights and makes a come back is well known. He is tenacious, outspoken and gets his way. From the time his business was in the verge of collapse in the mid 90's to making a coming back and getting to greater heights are all part of the enigma called Donald Trump. His Presidential aspirations are also well known choosing to backout at the last movement in the past , thus creating an impression in the minds of many that he is just trying to hog the lime light. Even during the 2016 Presidency campaign, people believed that he was not serious about the race and had just thrown in his name to get some publicity. But later on it became evident, that he was in for the fight. But his outspoken comments about immigration and women left many with bad taste and many believed that he will not make it beyond the primary. Yet he persevered to the final race. In the last round, everybody predicted Hillary Clinton a resounding victory. But typical of Trump, he defied all the prediction ended up as the winner thus becoming the 45'th President of the United States of America. But his comments about immigration to defence has lest the world perplexed as to how his administration will be like. 

For one, Trump has campaigned for creating jobs. What is sure is the fact that the new administration will look inward. Outsourcing will be a thing of the past as he seeks to curb American jobs being taken on to other countries. His administration will be conservative in many respects with a strong military and a boldness to take decision and to see the decision being executed. Now let us analyze what this means for India, China and Pakistan.......


For India , the administration may be a mixed bag. Mr. Trump as time and again talked about deepening ties with India and making India a strategic ally. So we can naturally expect a deepening of strategic and defence  ties with India. He has also reached out to the Indian community whose stature and influence are growing in American society. At the same time, as Trump seeks to create jobs inside United States, countries like India and others wherein a huge number of outsourced jobs end up can expect to have them curtailed. This may have some impact on our economy. But all told, the picture is not that gloomy.


Things doesn't look that good for China. For one, China has been aggressively expanding it's illegal claims in South China Sea. Further it has been following aggressive measure with all it's neighbours. China lays claim to almost all of South China Sea and also East China Sea. In South China Sea, China is in direct conflict with many of her neighbours for claim top South China Sea. But
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 /Author- Michael Vadon
China's claim is not in adherence to UNCLOS. United States with the intention not to escalate the situation has been  reacting mildly with Freedom of Navigation (FON) which does not seem to have any impact on China. But under Trump, America may not be so forgiving. There is every chance that a Chinese move will invite an American response which will be aggressive and powerful. It is estimated that China will try to invade Taiwan in the near future that will see America intervening as it is obliged to do so under treaty. There is every chance that such a situation will arise during the Trump administration. Nobody exactly knows how Trump will react and how he will act. On trade, Trump has been rather open about bringing barriers on cheap Chinese imports to revive American industry. There is every chance that Trump will follow on his world which will have an adverse impact on the Chinese economy which is already ailing. 


Pakistan will be the worst affected With it's double standards well exposed, Pakistan will face renewed pressure from America to reign in the Islamic militants and also curtail it's ever expanding nuclear arsenal. Trump will not as forgiving as the former Presidents and will take on Pakistan by the horn. Pakistan who has already lost much of American patriotism will be the most affected and find itself in the receiving end of an aggressive America. The double standards that is so common with the Pakistani establishment will need to come to an end. 

 Japan/ Korea

Trump always speaks of rearming Japan and Korea, much as a checkmate to North Korea and also China. This emerging alliance will greatly benefit India as India is the linchpin of this emerging alliance.


Donald Trump rode on the "anti establishment" feeling within the American masses. Trump has unique opportunity of making things right and establishing himself as one of the greatest President in recent American history. Whether he will cease that opportunity and make a difference is to be seen in the coming days. In the meanwhile like the rest of the world, we can only keep our fingers crossed. 
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