The Chinese Army's Sneaky Ploy to Take Over China's Military ( Source- The National Interest / Author- Micael Peck)

Chinese Type-99 Tank ( Image credits- Wikimedia Commons)
Source- National Interest

Author- Michael Peck

After decades as primarily a ground force with the world’s army (go tell China to never fight a land war in Asia), the Chinese military is reorienting itself toward an air-sea conflict in waters such as the South China Sea. For more than a decade, it has been China’s air and naval forces that have growing in budget and stature, while the army has not.

Yet two China scholars ask a perceptive question: Why is the Chinese army going along with these reforms? As we well know from the U.S. military, no service ever voluntarily cedes power to another. It would be like the U.S. Army telling Congress, “cut our budget and give the Air Force more money.”( To read the entire article, click here.....)
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