How long will Moscow continue to hold on to India to sell it's weapon systems

India Russia Joint Military exercise (Image credits- Sputnik News)
India remains the world's largest importer of weapon systems, it's major chunk coming from Russia. Russia has remained India's largest defence partner. But over the years, India has diversified it's sources to include Israel, USA and France. But even today Russia remains the largest weapons seller to India. Russia has also been trying to diversify it's clientele, but no market can replace the amount of weapon sale that India can and will buy. As India moves to indiginisation of weapon systems, how long Russia will be able to hold on? Russia & India Report argues that it will take India some more decades until it's weapons manufacturing industry matures to a satisfactory level for them to absorb key technologies and deliver world class weapon systems, the time which gives Russia breathing space provided Russia plays their cards correctly. ( The entire article can be read here)  
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