Pakistan's dastardly acts of brutality, time India responded in kind

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When  Naib Subedar Paramjit Singh of 22 Punjab Regiment and head constable Prem Sagar of BSF's 200 Battalion went out on a petrol along the India-Pakistani border, little did they expect that it will be their last journey. On the way, they came under fire from the Pakistani posts and after some time they were ambushed by Pakistan's notorious Border Action Team (BAT) which consists of Pakistan's Special Service Group (SSG) special forces along with Pakistan's regular troops and jihadi elements. This group is tasked with cross border incursion. Not only did the BAT violate all establish norms, they also mutilated the bodies of the above stated Jawans. 

By this act, Pakistan has not only violated all norms of decency and morality, but also their acts can only be termed as dastardly and cowardly. Pakistan has to understand that India's patience is not infinite and sooner or later the tipping point will come and there will not be any going back. 


Indian army has promised retribution. The options include cross border raids, to heavy artillery barrage to air strikes of the terrorist camps and Pakistani army positions. India also need to simultaneously initiate diplomatic actions against Pakistan including isolating Pakistan in the international fora.

We need to understand that Pakistan only understands the language of  power. India should not shy away from exploring all avenues and taking the battle to the enemy. Pakistan should understand that they will pay big time if they try to meddle with India. But the worst thing about Pakistan is that they never understands. Be it Kargil or any other provocation, time and again India has defeated Pakistan but they seem never to learn their lesson. Pakistan seems to feel that the presence of nuclear weapons in their hands will deter India. But Kargil war and the recent surgical strikes have  proved that  if need be, presence of nuclear weapons will not deter India. Pakistan need to understand the writing on the wall. India's patience is not infinite. 

Dear brothers, your sacrifice for the nation will not go in vain. We will have our retribution and we will pay back Pakistan in kind. Pakistan be warned, India's patience is not eternal. Soon, the tipping point will come and Pakistan will have to suffer for their own fool hardiness. Do not under estimate our resolve. We Indians are together and will retaliate and make you suffer.

Jai Hind. 


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