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My thoughts on the recent Sabarimala Controversy

Swami Saranam, I just wanted to share a thought or two about the present day crisis at Sabarimala. Sabarimala is the holiest of holy places for us Hindus in Kerala. It is the only place wherein people of all religions are allowed. 
But the recent Supreme Court ruling has created a chaotic situation. The Honorable Supreme Court has allowed ladies of all ages entry into the Sabarimala Temple. Formerly the entry was restricted to girls below 10 years and ladies above 50 years. The concept behind this custom is because Lord Ayappa is believed to be a Brahmachari. That is the custom followed from time immemorial. 
The recent Supreme Court ruling has created a situation wherein girls and ladies try to get into the temple Sannidhanam (Sanctum Sanctorum) every day challenging the beliefs of devotees. This has been happening for the last three days. It has also created a chaotic situation at a place which like many devotees of Lord Ayappa consider to be one of the holiest places. It seems to b…

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