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Asia: Time for collective security

Another article after a long time. This time I intend to deal with a particular subject, that is need for collective security cooperation in Asia with reference to containing China. 
The security situation in Asia is fluid. China is in expansion mode. China has laid claim to and has border disputes with almost all it's neighbours starting from South China Sea and East China sea all the way to India. China over the years has built up a huge industrial infrastructure that it can effectively use to bolster it's defence capability. 
It all began from 2008 onwards when China gave up it's policy of being a peaceful power and started   a policy of aggressive territorial claims which set it in course for confrontation with almost all  it's neighbours. This all began in South China Sea wherein China has laid a claim to the entire region in what is called it's nine dash line. That includes all of South China Sea which is also claimed by countries Vietnam, Philippines among oth…

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