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Rising China- Challenges for India

It has been two months since I last wrote an article. The North Korean crisis is nearly over and India has moved away from Doklam.  But Doklam has taught us many truths, primary of them being that China as a power is here to stay. The world has moved on. But the omnipresence of China cannot be ignored. 
China over the years has spread it's presence in the Indian Ocean region, with strategic investments in countries ranging from Myanmar, Bangladesh to Srilanka, Maldives and Pakistan. In these countries, in extension of it's Belt and Road Initiative, China is investing in infrastructure ranging from ports to roads and railways, all these steps mainly to recreate the ancient silk route. The Silk Route in it's modern avatar has two components, the land route and the maritime phase. The land route connects China to Europe via Central Asia and Europe, a sort of Eurasia route. Even though China will derive little or no economic benefit from the land route, what China intends to do…

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