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Marshal of The Indian Air force Arjan Singh ( 1919-2017)

There are those who come rarely but leave a mark on our lives and in the process make a difference.
Today, one of the legends of the India Airforce passed away. He was The Marshal of The  Indian Airforce Arjan Singh. The title Marshal is only given to those who make a mark for themselves. This title is equal to the Field Marshal in the Army. India Airforce has had only one man who has been conferred this title and that is Marshal of the Indian Airforce, Arjan Singh. Today, as he left us for eternal glory, it is time to celebrate the life and times of this legend. 
Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh, DFC (16 April 1919 – 16 September 2017) was an Indian Air Force Officer who served as Chief of the Air Staff from 1964 to 1969. After retiring from the IAF, he served as a diplomat, politician, and advisor to the Indian government. In 2002, he became the first and only officer of the Indian Air Force to be promoted to five-star rank as Marshal of the Indian Air Force, equal to the a…

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