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China Agitated : Japan's Master Plan to Destroy the Chinese Navy in Battle

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Did North Korea Just Launch a Chinese Missile? ( Source- The National Interest / Author- Gordon G. Chang)

Image credits- VOA
Source- The National Interest

Author- Gordon G. Chang

On Sunday morning, North Korea launched an intermediate-range missile high into the atmosphere. It fell into the Sea of Japan about five hundred kilometers downrange.

Pyongyang identified the missile as a Pukguksong-2, and claimed it was developed by North Korean technicians, but it may have been Chinese in origin.

President Trump on Monday said the U.S. has “a big, big problem” with North Korea. In fact, America may have a big, big problem with China. So before his administration crafts a policy, he needs to know where the Pukguksong-2 came from.

The consensus view is that the missile tested Sunday is the land-based version of the KN-11. A KN-11 was launched August 24 from below the surface of the Sea of Japan. Video released by Pyongyang shows Sunday’s missile igniting in midair after leaving its mobile launcher, mimicking a submarine-launched missile. ( To read the entire article, click here.......)

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Five things that will make INDIA SUPERPOWER by 2025



How Powerful is INDIA ? Comparing With Other Countries

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Construction Of DRDO's Secret Vessel Begins At Cochin Shipyard

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Life In Aerocity: Finding India’s Place in the New Strategic Context ( Source- The Diplomat)

Image credits- Wikimapia
Source- The Diplomat

Author- Roncevert Ganan Almond

Over the past three years, through periodic observations, I have measured the rise of New Delhi Aerocity, the commercial complex adjacent to Indira Gandhi International Airport. Unlike the unruly and burgeoning outskirts of this megacity – the teeming slums, clogged arteries, impromptu shrines and haphazard construction – Aerocity is sterile and organized, and, hopefully, a secure compound of paned-glass modernity. Like its cousins, Gurgaon’s DLF Cyber City and Noida’s Jaypee Sports City, Aerocity is a planned urban-development with a specific commercial design, in this case an international business hub intended to enhance the airport’s economic engine beyond aeronautical activities, a common characteristic of our futuristic global age.

In the shadow of the future, history always awaits in India. At Aerocity, the nearby Delhi Metro connects you to the city center, and within half an hour you can wander through Old Delhi to Kashmiri Gate, locus of the siege of Delhi, a key battle during the Mutiny of 1857. Sometimes known as India’s First War of Independence, an event credited by Karl Marx as a national revolt, the Mutiny ushered in a new age in the history of the subcontinent and the world: the establishment of the British Raj and direct colonial rule, the beginning of an end. The Congress party – of Gokhale, Tilak, Gandhi and Nehru – would be founded a generation later. The seeds of change were planted in the reddened soil of Delhi. ( To read the entire article, click here...........)

The U.S. Navy is Moving at Warp Speed to Develop Super Lasers ( Source- The National Interest)

USS Zumwalt ( Image credits- Wikimedia Commons / General Dynamics Bath Iron Works)
Source- The National Interest

Laser weapons will be developed through a three-phased approach in order to fire the weapon from destroyers at cruise missiles, drones, aircraft and small boats.

The U.S. Navy is moving at warp speed to develop lasers with more lethality, precision and power sources as a way to destroy attacking missiles, drones aircraft and other threats. ( To read the entire article, click here ......)

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Why India Is Far Ahead Of Pakistan In Science And Technology |Prof. Pervez Hoodbhoy|


2016: What a year - BBC News

2016 Year In Review: In Memoriam | TIME

New change to the blog from 2017 onwards

As the new year dawn on us, I am trying to bring in some changes to the blog. Due to my professional commitments, I was not able to regularly update the blog in the last few months. From January onwards, I am bringing about a slight change in the format of this blog. Hope you enjoy the new beginning. Thank you for being part of the journey with us and expect your cooperation and blessing for the journey forward,


Happy New Year

Wishing all my friends a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year

Top ten destroyers (Credits-Defencyclopedia)

Kolkata Class destroyer ( Image credits- Indian Navy)

Credits- Defencyclopedia

Author- NRP

Top 10 Most Powerful Destroyers In The World ( Click to read the entire article here.....)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Chinese Army's Sneaky Ploy to Take Over China's Military ( Source- The National Interest / Author- Micael Peck)

Chinese Type-99 Tank ( Image credits- Wikimedia Commons)
Source- National Interest

Author- Michael Peck

After decades as primarily a ground force with the world’s army (go tell China to never fight a land war in Asia), the Chinese military is reorienting itself toward an air-sea conflict in waters such as the South China Sea. For more than a decade, it has been China’s air and naval forces that have growing in budget and stature, while the army has not.

Yet two China scholars ask a perceptive question: Why is the Chinese army going along with these reforms? As we well know from the U.S. military, no service ever voluntarily cedes power to another. It would be like the U.S. Army telling Congress, “cut our budget and give the Air Force more money.”( To read the entire article, click here.....)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my readers. May the lord shower on you his blessings.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Waking the Beast: India’s Defense Reforms Under Modi ( Source- The Diplomat/ Author- Jeff M.Smith)

Image credits- Indian Navy
Source- The Diplomat

Author- Jeff M. Smith

“India has done enough to simplify its defense procurement and other norms,” opined Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar at a speech in Washington last December. “It is time for U.S. Government and Industry to reciprocate. It is easy to blame Indian bureaucracy but in some cases, U.S. bureaucracy is much worse.’’

With all due respect to Parrikar—who has been a breath of fresh air after the paralytic reign of his predecessor, AK “Mr. No” Antony—few in Washington or Delhi would agree. Fortunately, the reforms he and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have shepherded are steering India in the right direction ( To read the entire article, click here.......)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

China and India Aren't Afraid to Use Money as a Weapon ( Source- The National Interest / Author- Rishika Chauhan)

Chinese Yaun ( Image credits- Wikimedia Commons)

Author- Rishika Chauhan

“Major powers have to work with each other even if their interests diverge on some issues,” India’s Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar stressed at the recently concluded India China Think-Tanks Forum in New Delhi. However, within the next few days, two articles in significant Indian and Chinese dailies seemed to have dampened the spirit of cooperation. Talking about a Chinese consignment worth $2.8 million dispatched to Nepal, a widely circulated Indian newspaper said that the shipment “will severely hit Indian businesses.” A reporter at the Chinese state-run Global Times was quick to respond, insisting the move did not mean that “Chinese goods will push Indian products out of the country.” Impassioned media debates ensued.

While reports of competition between the two rising states is common, such discussions have been frequent since September of last year. Accusing India of imposing an unofficial economic blockade shortly after the promulgation of the Nepali constitution, then prime minister of Nepal K. P. Sharma Oli stepped up his country’s engagement with China. While India denied its involvement, its support of the Madhesis—the minority group protesting against the constitution and leading an economic blockade—was widely acknowledged.

(To read the entire article, click here)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How America Can Lead in Asia ( Source- The National Interest)

Image credits- Wikimedia Commons / United States Department of Defense
Source- The National Interest

Authors- Joseph W. PrueherJ. Stapleton RoyPaul HeerDavid M. LamptonMichael D. SwaineEzra Vogel

As the Trump administration assumes leadership of American foreign policy, questions prevail about how it perceives the United States’ role in the world and how it will exercise that role.  The appearance of a potentially unconventional U.S. president amidst a world in flux highlights the enormous uncertainties and the potential risks to U.S. stability and prosperity that are now confronting us.

The United States is today facing a fundamentally different world from the one it has known for many decades. In fact, the scope and magnitude of global change represents the greatest challenge since America’s emergence as a world power a century ago. Economic, technological, political and military power has dispersed globally in ways that make it impossible for the United States to pursue its interests unilaterally at acceptable costs and untenable for it to sustain indefinitely its economic and military primacy throughout the world.

Domestically, the United States confronts a range of problems and trends that further challenge its ability to adjust to this changing global environment. A highly polarized political and social environment is inhibiting efforts to rejuvenate vital foundations of the economy, and to deal with mounting national debt, growing income inequality, eroding infrastructure and spiraling entitlement costs. If allowed to continue, such U.S. political and economic difficulties will constrain Washington’s ability to compete in a multipolar world, diminish confidence in U.S. staying power among friends and allies and probably intensify downward pressure on U.S. defense spending. ( To read the complete article, click here...)

Monday, December 05, 2016

Indian Air Force REPLACES Russian Mi 26 with American Chinook

Most advanced light fighter jet in the world ( Source- YouTube, Dayanand Dandavate)

America Needs to Stop Losing to China ( Source- The National Interest / Author- Joseph A. Bosco)

USN FA-18 Super Hornet ( Image credits- Wikimedia Commons / USN)

Author- Joseph A. Bosco

“America doesn't win anymore” was a constant Donald Trump campaign theme and a situation he pledged to reverse.

But before we start winning again we need to stop losing — especially with China, which candidate Trump named as the prime exploiter of America's diplomatic naiveté. While he focused on trade and currency issues, we have been losing to Beijing even more dangerously on national security issues.

North Korea, the South China Sea and Taiwan are three Asian flashpoints where China's interests are inimical to American interests and values—any one of which could suddenly bring the United States and China into military conflict ( To read the full article, click here......)

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