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Ancient Indian Cosmology (Info courtesy Ancient Indian UFO)

Ancient Indian Science of Voice, Vocal and Music (Info courtesy Ancient Indian UFO)

India's Rising Military Power - CCTV, 13Aug13


The Future of Military Dogfighters (Full Documentary)

Indian Military Power [2014] | Opus Magnum

The Tejas Fighter's role in War (Info courtesy

India selects PSUs to construct Project 75I submarines (Info courtesy

Nation's biggest warship to dock in three weeks (Info courtesy

Hindu married to non-Hindu can't get divorce under Hindu Marriage Act: Bombay high court (Info courtesy

India may be offered a share in GLONASS (Info courtesy

Why India's space exploration could be the next big thing (

Indian Navy prepares to induct 45 new Warships, Submarines (


Mikhail Kalashnikov, maker of iconic AK-47 rifle, dead ( Info courtesy

India test fires nuclear capable Agni-3 Missile ( Info courtesy

The New Silk Road to Nowhere (

The Significance of Russia’s Frustration with North Korea (Info courtesy

China to Sell Bangladesh 2 Submarines (Info courtesy

11 things you should know about LCA TEJAS (Info courtesy

Hagel Criticizes Chinese Navy, Citing Near Miss (Info courtesy

Devyani Khobragade incident- The United States should tender unconditional apology

MEMORIES Movie Song - Thirayum Theeravum - Ft Prithviraj , MeghnaRaj

The Mighty Indian Navy - 'Enemies Nightmare | ♫kadam kadam badaye ja ♫

Catch live action from Tejas cockpit on Friday (Info courtesy

How to Measure an Aircraft Carrier’s Worth (Info courtesy

Twilight of the Aircraft Carrier? ( Info courtesy

Vietnam, the US, and China: A Love Triangle? (Info courtesy

US will have to apologize, Kamal Nath says ( Info courtesy

INS Vikramaditya- All about India's second carrier (Info courtesy

Ancient Indian Sciences- The Vimana

India to expand foot print in Indian Ocean (Info courtesy

Arjun Mark-2 hits a firewall (Info courtesy

U.S. Navy-China showdown: Chinese try to halt U.S. cruiser in international waters (Info courtesy

2013 elections- The lessons that politicians must learn

Despite Delay, Indian Buy of Ultra Light Howitzers Remains on Track (Info courtesy

Should India-Japan Ties Worry China? (Info courtesy

Longest Range Ballistic Missile All Set for Undersea Launch ( Info courtesy The New India Express and Bharat-Rakshak)

Russia as a U.S.-China Battleground State ( Info courtesy

China's J-18 Snowy Owl: Myth or Reality?

indiannavy-Maritime security through self reliance

Navy's Modern Warships (Full Documentary)

Building the SU-27 : The Best Fighter Jet in the World (Full Documentary)

Sworn to Secrecy: Secrets of War: Israeli Intelligence

Secrets of war: Cold war Inside the KGB

Impending Japan-China war has the makings of a Clancy classic ( Info courtesy

RAW, CIA ,China and the Himalayas –the story of legendary Climbers and the Spies ( Info courtesy

My favorite combat ships

India Well-Equipped to Build Own Warships ( Info courtesy

IAF to retire the legendary Mig-21 FL (Info courtesy

India's emerging blue water navy (Info courtesy

Flankers- The new threat to Australia ( Info courtesy Indian Military Page)

Amazing Transport Vessel - Blue Marlin

Remembering Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest leaders of the the world may have ever seen

Indian Navy plans nuke-powered carrier

DRDO fancies its FIREPOWER ( Info courtesy

Agni V's 2014 trial will be Canister-Based (Info courtesy

After Agni-5, DRDO sets eye on 10,000 km range ballistic missiles ( Info courtesy

India Gives Navy Control of Andaman and Nicobar Command (Info courtesy

How China Plans to Use the Su-35( Info courtesy

30 Beautiful Paintings by S Ilayaraja

Isro's Mars Orbiter Mission successfully placed in Mars transfer trajectory (Info courtesy

Chinese state-run media states Japan is ‘prime target’ of air defense zone (Info courtesy

PM Abe says Japan will respond ‘firmly’ to China’s air zone issue ( Info courtesy

Japan, South Korea Fly Through Disputed Air Space ( Info courtesy

Getting Senkaku History Right (Info courtesy


Russia, India Forge Ahead on Fifth-Gen Fighter,Long Live India-Russia Friendship ( Info courtesy

MIG 29 and INS Vikramaditya, a deadly combination , On Vikramaditya’s sea trials .( Info courtesy

Vande Mataram - Lata Mangeshkar

Jana Gana Mana

Jana Gana Mana - Indian National Anthem on Saxophone

US, Japan slam China’s ‘destabilizing’ move on East China Sea airspace ( Info courtesy

China And Japan Move Closer To War (Info Courtesy


High sea: Indian Elephant versus Chinese Dragon (Info courtesy

EXPERT: Internet For Our Kids To Be 'Fundamentally Less Awesome' (Info courtesy

India's ASEAN Defense sales effort (Info courtesy

21st Century Aircraft Carrier Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Takes First Voyage (Info courtesy

India's maritime hawk completes 25 years of yeomen service ( Info courtesy

Iran Deploys Submarine to India & Sri Lanka (Info courtesy

Iranian Air Force Chasing UFOs Discovered An Unknown Type Of Drone (

Vietnam appreciates India`s role in South China Sea

Bring midwife as birth proof, 64-year-old told ( Intricacies of archaic Indian law, info courtesy

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Indian Navy - Wiki Article

Indian Navy - Wiki Article

Indian Navy ensign goes up on INS Vikramaditya

Indian Navy Tribute- A tribute to all those brave souls who serve our motherland being part of the Indian Navy (IN). Be proud of them and respect them

US Navy Tribute - Hell Yeah (Music Video)

Rajahamsame Chamayam- Must hear, the birth of a true singer

Dressed for action: The striking variety of uniforms special forces don to protect India by land, sea and air (Info courtesy

INS Vikramadhitya inducted to the Indian Navy

Google indian commercial, connecting india & pakistan

Indian Navy to have 200 warships in next 10 years (Info courtesy

US Report: 1st Sub-launched Nuke Missile Among China's Recent Strides (Info courtesy

Pakistan's Nuclear capable Hatf-V or Ghauri missile is a DUD (Info courtesy

India rises as world's biggest weapons buyer (Info courtesy

Indian Navy- Challenges and opportunities ahead

RAND Suggests Using Land-based ASMs Against China (Info courtesy

To Hedge Its Bets, Russia Is Encircling China (Info courtesy

Congrats to Indian Space research Organisation (ISRO) for successfully launching Mangalyan (Mars mission)

Tarmak007 -- A bold blog on Indian defence: Avatars of a space scientist | Of Kathakali, spiri...

PH Sea, Luzon Strait key to China nuke ambitions (Info courtesy

USAF Pilots Develop F-22 'Rapid' Deployment (Info courtesy

Happy Diwali

Navy pilots to train in Russia for Gorshkov operations (Info courtesy

INS Vikramaditya to set sail for India on November 30 - Economic Times

Japan, China Territorial Tensions Rising Over Unmanned Drones (Info Courtesy

World must oppose China maritime claims – US Congress leader ( Info courtesy

China to develop long-range Stealth Bombers (Info courtesy

India's civilian aircraft project turns military (Info courtesy

Inside Story - India: Flexing its military muscle

Indian Military Strength (Grand Battle Version)

Shipyard President: We Are Driving Cost Out of New Carrier (Info courtesy

Litigation-hit India Inc raises legal bar (Info courtesy The Times of India)

Linuxed - Exploring Linux distros: Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 "Saucy Salamander" Review: With...

S. Korea Envisions Light Aircraft Carrier (Info courtesy

Boeing, Lockheed Team on Long Range Strike Bomber (Info courtesy

Power politics in the Indian Ocean: don’t exaggerate the China threat (Info courtesy

China's border row with India has misfired, says regional security expert (Info Courtesy

Guru Padukabhyam...., For our Guru/teacher who made us who we are today, a moving rendering. Must hear

The doctor who charges just Rs 5 (Courtesy The Deccan Herald)

USS Zumwalt will be a floating data center, The Navy’s newest warship is powered by Linux (Info courtesy

China's hermit navy ( Info courtesy

China’s Achilles’ heel in Southeast Asia

Milkha Singh (Flying Sikh),a living Legend,every one must know about. Rare pics and about his life ( Info courtesy

Wellbeing and Visionary Leadership | Deepak Chopra in Mexico City 2013 (...