As Kerala reels under the perpetual fear of the Mullaperiyar breaking out and taking away Lakhs of lives, one is astonished to find politicians of all colors, shapes and sizes making a beeline to Chapath which is the site of the agitation for a new dam and announcing fasting for a new dam. The question that arises in one's mind is weather these political god fathers  are sincere in what they demand.

In this blog, I am not trying to discuss the Mullaperiyar issue which is hogging the lime light and much is written about the same. It is a disaster awaiting to happen. What ticks me off is the blatant  and crass politics played out by our leaders with accusations and claims while the real issue keeps on burning with out any valid solutions in sight.

The politician of today's India is a breed into themselves. They are not concerned about the common man and what they are seeking is raw power and money by any means necessary. For that they will unscrupulously play any games with scant regard for the well being of the common man whom they are obliged to protect. Now coming to the issue at hand, the politicians of both Kerala and Tamilnadu are to be blamed for this fiasco as they have played with the emotions of common man for petty political gains. Now what has happened is that both states have raised the temperature to such an extent that no person can go back. It is a fact that the Mullaperiyar dam which was constructed over 100 years ago is in it's fag end of life and needs either to be rebuild or entirely replaced. No dam worth it's name has ever existed 1000 years. Hence a viable and realistic solution ought to be found in this regard. But our leaders does go with petty political gains and try to extract maximum political mileage from the situation. The same thing had happened to the issues at Attapady where in   the tribals are facing one of the most prolific human rights violations in modern day India. When the matter was a burning issue, every politician worth their name made a beeline to Attapady and announced packages and protests. But soon other issues hogged the lime light and Attapaddy was conveniently swept to the back burner with no viable solutions in sight. The same should be the fate of the Mullaperiyar issue. If our leaders are sincere about any solutions, what is required is to bring a viable solution which shall be acceptable to all the parties concerned. Now I know that is  not easy, but nevertheless has to happen.

If our politicians play a game, the media also is to be blamed. Gone were the days when one only had one channel which us that 8.30PM news. Now there are 24 hours news channels competing for the attention of the viewers. What is required is to get the maximum TRP ratings. Now each channel has exclusives  and any thing from a pot hole in a road to a crow sitting above a tree becomes news, all peppered up with nitty details. In such a charged atmosphere, media beats up the hype and builds up unnecessary fear psychosis. Each politician who may be fasting becomes headline news for the day. That takes us away from the real issue.  What is required is for us to filter the imposter from the real man. Media ought to be vigilant and bring the real picture to the public, it is their duty as the fourth pillar of our democracy.

As much as we want too, politicians cannot be wished away as we are part of a democracy which is the pillar of the rights and privileges that we enjoy. What is required is for us to be vigilant and filter and distinguish the false from the truth. Maya generation of political leaders emerge who will be sincere to the welfare of the common man and who shall dedicate themselves  for our country and making her the greatest in the world.



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