Kulbushan Yadav case- Pakistan's fiasco and foolishness

Kulbushan Yadav ( Credits- Internet image)

As Pakistan celebrates the capture and staged trial of the Indian national, Kulbushan Yadav, it is time to analyse the reality.  

Who is Kulbushan Yadav?

Kulbushan Yadav is an Indian National who had retired from the Navy and has been involved in a business out of Chabahar, Iran. He was alleged to have been arrested by the Pakistani establishment when he crossed over to Pakistan with the alleged intention to destabilise Pakistan. He is stated to be an Indian spy who is working for the Indian Intelligence agency, RAW. He is alleged to have been involved in covert ops against Pakistan.

The Trial

Kulbushan was put to a sham trial by a Kangaroo court set up by the Pakistani army and he has been sentenced to death. But the trial has drawn widespread condemnation internationally. For one, no evidence inditing Kulbushan Yadav has been let out. India has been denied consular access. This is in contravention to the established principles of natural justice and international law. 

Pakistan's Fiasco:

Pakistan has put itself in a jam. Not only have they been unable to prove the alleged against Kulbushan Yadav but they have shot themselves in the foot by putting Kulbushan Yadav in trial by a court whose authenticity is itself in question inside Pakistan. The army courts set up in Pakistan is a parallel judiciary. But it's lack of transparency and secretiveness have led many inside Pakistan to question it's legitimacy. Such a court has now come out with this judgement. Further, the trial had been completed in little over a month while the same Pakistan has been dragging it's feet for the last decade concerning the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Pakistan has failed to explain and convince the world as what did Yadav do to warrant such a sham trial and conviction. 

Pakistan needs to understand the consequences of it's actions. If as threatened, Kulbushan Yadav is put to death, India will retaliate with all means available at it's disposal. The relations between the two countries will be set back for many years and will be difficult to redeem the same in the near future. Several Pakistanis has compared this trial to the case of Ajmal Kasab, the Pakistani terrorist caught red handed during the Mumbai terror attacks.  But such a comparison does not bode well as Kasab was caught red handed while the crime alleged to have been committed by Kulbushan Yadav still is a secret and a mystery. 

Pakistan need to understand that it will have to pay a heavy cost if it plays with the life of an Indian. Times have changed and don't except India to be tolerant like in the past. There will be consequences for Pakistan's actions and even their big brother and  fried of all seasons China will not be able to help them. Be warned. Let us hope Pakistan is not so stupid enough to do such a foolish thing. But do not test out patience. There will be consequences and Pakistan wil have to pay a big price.

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